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Brushed metal and custom mats now available!

April 05, 2019

Brushed metal and custom mats now available!

Over the past few months we have meticulously tested new products to expand the unique service we provide.  We are excited to announce two new options for every product at Lucks Art 911:

Brushed Metal Art (yes...we are printing on real sheets of metal) and Customized Mats for framed orders.

With our Brushed Metal option, the artwork is infused directly into the surface of the metal, resulting in a high-definition, scratch-resistant finish. The brushed metal option is also now the largest artwork we offer at 14x20 and 16x20 inches, and comes with an incredible floating frame. THIS IS A MUST SEE ITEM!

Due to high demand, the custom mat option is now available for ALL agencies.  With this feature, you may customize up to 2 lines on the mat of any large framed print.

There are so many options available with a wide range of pricing options.  We encourage you to revisit our website and take a fresh look.  Our artwork is 100% hand-drawn and customized per your instructions on every order. 

Lucks Art 911 artwork is truly unique and perfect for new hires, promotions, transfers, retirements and as memorial gifts for fallen or injured officers.  Your purchases help us support Public Safety Charities throughout the United States.

Thank you and stay safe,
Lucks Art 911